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I love  sharing my creative techniques with camera clubs, art guilds, and other groups that would like to explore ways to expand their observation skills for visual storytelling and/or reflection work. My presentation is interactive, using a mix of lecture with slide show followed by a question and answer session. I'll share the camera gear that I use in my photographic work and will bring a sampling of prints for display and purchase. 

There is no formal cost associated with this presentation if it is held in the Knoxville area, however an honorarium to cover time and travel is always appreciated. Most organizations provide an honorarium of $100.

If you would like to discuss booking a presentation please contact me.  I would love to share my tips and techniques with your organization! 


Visual Stories — Taking it from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Photography is a powerful tool for creating visual stories. In this presentation, I will demonstrate ways to fine tune your observation skills while learning techniques that can help you create more captivating images. Turn those plain snapshots into visually refreshing images that will intrigue viewers to use their imagination — taking your images from ordinary to extraordinary.

Creating Images over Capturing Images

When we see an image we pick up our camera to capture what is in front of us. What if we stopped a moment to study the scene and then created an image with more visual appeal and interest. In this presentation, we will learn how to use composition, color, patterns, lines, light and shadows to create an image with more artistry and depth. 

Discovering the Unusual in the Usual

In the layered imagery of window reflections, there is a surrealism that lies just beneath the surface creating a double exposure illusion. This altered reality of abstract images can produce an interesting mix of forms and colors. Each reflections is a moment in time capture. Often there are hidden components that can add a touch of mystery for those that take the time to look more deeply. In this presentation, I'll share tips and techniques on what to look for and how to capture artistic reflections.

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