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bicycling routes around chattanooga, tn and north georgia

These inspiring routes will take you along country backroads where farmlands are interspersed with woods. You’ll tackle challenging climbs to the ridges that border Chattanooga to enjoy scenic views overlooking her valleys. The urban routes through downtown Chattanooga will journey through preserved historic neighborhoods and along the greenways of the Tennessee Riverpark.

There are 45 routes circumventing a wide radius around Chattanooga, TN and into the rural North Georgia countryside.. Historic tours and Points of Interest are highlighted and over 240 color photographs are featured.

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off road trail systems around knoxville, chattanooga, nashville and tri-cities

Excellent resource for mountain bikers, trail runners, and day hikers! Off Road Trails features 31 mountain bike trail systems from around Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville and the Tri-Cities. Trails range from tight, twisty singletrack, meandering doubletrack, and forest road climb providing a wide variety of terrain for the beginner to expert mountain biker. Each city is color-coded and all trail systems feature full-colored, fold-out topographic maps. Each trail system is color-coded and offers driving directions to the trailheads; introductory summaries of each trail system; detailed trail maps showing all trails, connectors, spurs, and roads; and a gallery of photos. Off Road Trails provides all the trail information needed for your off road adventure right at your fingertips.

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