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I consider myself a multifarious photographer in that I photograph what interest me until it no longer interests me; then I photograph something else. I carry that same axiom into my design work. This works well for me, as whatever project I am currently working on gets my full attention and dedication.

Reflections — I'm fascinated with the artistry of reflection and juxtaposition. The random play of images superimposing each other, creating an intricate and often surreal composition. A double exposure illusion where the reflection becomes the reality. Reflections appear chaotic and mysterious — a looking through/looking out experience.  Reflections shake up and confuse your visuals muscles — they are stimulating and rich with mystery. You must stop and look a little deeper or you may miss the ambiguity within the image. Reflections are a moment in time capture — people walk out of the frame, clouds and light sweep past, window displays are periodically updated. This is good news,  there will always be something new to capture, a new twist on a familiar subject.

Urbanscapes — A plethora of rich textures, bold colors, and defining lines can be found along the tightly woven streets of our cities. Stepping just outside the city, along its forgotten edges, awaits a diminishing and brittle landscape often ripe with bold colors and gritty textures. These abandoned industrial spaces are worth documenting, for their aesthetic as well as their historical and architectural significance.

Naturescapes From the seat of my bike, I attempt to capture the fragile beauty of the landscape. Often these images show nature reclaiming neglected barns, equipment, and forgotten homesteads. Touched by time, these stories speak of a vanishing legacy and a diminishing landscape. The images collected from hiking trails and travels across the country showcase the beauty of light, seasons, details, and simplicity.

Please enjoy my galleries and come back often to see what is new. All images are available as prints, just click on the little buy me icon.           

design studio

Texture, pattern, and color are the fundamental elements of my fabric palette. As a textile artist, I experiment with these elements to see how they will work together within each design. Each piece is enhanced with free-motion stitching and unique embellishments and trims. Working together, these elements create artwork that is rich in texture, detail, and dimension.

For over a decade, I designed art quilts and self-published over 100 patterns through my company, The Picket Fence. I traveled across the country to teach and exhibit at trade and retail shows. Although I am no longer actively designing under The Picket Fence, patterns are available in limited quantities. please visit my design studio page.

bicycling books

As the author of a series of Bicycling Guide Books, I have traveled countless country miles and taken thousands of images from the side of the road or trail. Which holds the greater passion — photography or cycling? That's a tough choice as photographing from a bicycle provides a perpetual canvas for shooting old barns, abandoned houses, critters, clips of nature, and the slowly vanishing farmscene. Stopping on the side of the road is much easier and I'm able to observe details that would have eluded me at car speeds. However, photography by bicycle doesn't easily lend itself to award winning photographs. Most of the time I'm riding during good cycling hours not good photography hours. So my cycling credo is "what I shot is what I got".         

I'm always happy to receive inquiries about my work. Please email me here.

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