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I love to wander city streets like a stray dog, knowing that something new is waiting to be discovered around every corner, in every city. The urban environment allows me a wide birth for my photography and visual storytelling.  Everyday life, which can appear mundane, can be engaging, amusing, and rich in texture and color.

When you live in a small town city as I do in Knoxville TN, there is not the plethora of diversity  that one would find in a big city arena. When I hit the streets with my camera, I have to trim back my desires and look more diligently for content, wait more patiently for passerbys. Because of these restraints, I have made it my quest to visit the smaller cities that I pass through when traveling so that I can fine tune my eye to see many possibilities - juxtaposition, light, shadows, patterns, color, and always candid people. The street images that I've collected in my galleries, I share with hope that they will inspire other small town street photographers to hit the streets, hope luck is on their side, and shoot whenever an interesting scene presents itself.

Within every city block there are windows with unique reflections. Created within their layered imagery is a surrealism that lies beneath the surface. A double exposure illusion where the reflection becomes the reality, suggesting that nothing is ever what it appears to be. These portrayals shake up our visual muscles allowing us to see the unusual in the usual. I am drawn to reflection and juxtaposition. Since childhood, I’ve had a penchant for mysteries and puzzles. Often in my work, I patiently wait for a passerby to merge into the reflection. Each hidden component adds a touch of mystery that only becomes apparent to those that take the time to look more deeply.

Please enjoy my galleries and come back often to see what is new. All images are available as prints. Prints are available in various sizes and on different mediums - paper, canvas, and metal. I'm also happy to mat and frame your selection. Check the Store page for pricing. To place an order, please contact me.

If you are local or just passing through Knoxville, TN, my work is available downtown at The Art Market Gallery on 422 South Gay Street.             

design studio

In my design studio, I work with a fabric palette, playing with textures, patterns, and color to create intricate whimsical designs. Each piece is enhanced with free-motion stitching and unique embellishments and trims. My art pieces have been printed as note cards that can purchased in the store.

 My artistic career began designing art quilts and self-publishing patterns/books through my company, The Picket Fence. I've exhibited at International Quilt Festivals and trade shows across the United States. My teaching workshops include PBS and HGTV as well as hands on workshops at specialty trade shows. Although I am no longer actively designing under The Picket Fence, patterns are available in limited quantities. please visit my design studio page.

I'm always happy to receive inquiries about my work. Please email me here.

Active member:

The Art Market
Professional Photographers of East Tennessee
Arts & Culture Alliance
League of Scruffy Photographers 

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