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My photography showcases the unique artistry that can be found in window reflections. Although my images appear to be taken as a double exposure, each image is captured in a single shot that reflects a moment-in-time. For those that take the time to look more deeply into their layered imagery, hidden components wait to be discovered. Reflections shake up our visual muscles allowing us to see the unusual in the usual.

In nature, I look for color, patterns, and intricate detail. There is an abundance of beauty waiting to be seen. A slow walk in a garden or on a trail can keep me occupied for hours.  

Please enjoy my variety of galleries and return often to see what is new. All of my images are available as prints. If you are local or visiting Knoxville, TN, my work is available downtown at The Art Market Gallery on 422 South Gay Street.

Active member:
Art Market Gallery
Professional Photographers of East Tennessee
Arts & Culture Alliance
Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers

Photo Travel Documentaries and Bicycling Guide Books

Touring the Blue Ridge Parkway – Bicycling 520 miles through the Blue Ridge mountains  Beneath the Rims – Hiking Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon

RAGRAI – A photographic journal of the famous seven-day bicycle tour across Iowa

Glacier National Park – towering mountains and ancient glaciers

The Green Mountain Loop – bicycle touring Vermont and New Hampshire with a quick trip across the Canada border

Bicycling Routes Around Knoxville Tennessee - features 40 routes with maps and cue sheets, descriptions and photo gallery

Off Road Trails Around Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville and Tri-Cities – features 31 trail systems with topo maps, cue sheets, descriptions and photo gallery

Bicycling Routes Around Chattanooga Tennessee and North Georgia - features 45 routes with maps and cue sheets, descriptions and photo gallery

Knoxville Region on the Rise, by Lori Fuller - featured image on the back cover along with several images featured withn the book 

I have been working as a professional textile artist since the early 1970's. Over the years I have migrated from working with cotton quilting fabrics to the more versatile home decor fabric lines. 

Currently, I am enjoying the challenge of creating vessel forms where I can push my own limits as well as the limits of technique and materials. The wide variety of patterns, texture and weave of designer fabrics allows me to create designs that impersonate other materials, so my work falls somewhere between quilting, basketry, pottery, and sculpture. 

Unlike clay, which can be molded into forms, fabric needs to be cut, folded, then stitched to achieve the desired shape — a fiber origami of sorts. Each vessel is enhanced with distinctive trims and embellishments to ensure a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece of art.

For over a decade, I designed art quilts and self-published patterns/books through my company, The Picket Fence. I exhibited at International Quilt Festivals and trade shows across the United States. Teaching workshops included PBS, HGTV and many hands-on workshops. Although I am no longer actively designing under The Picket Fence, some patterns are available in limited quantities.

Please visit my online store for purchases.

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